Monday, December 24, 2012

Amish Mafia Fake As Hell

Anybody who believes that Amish Mafia is real is a total idiot.It is the most stupid thing I have ever seen.I know there are some really bad shows out there,but this show takes the cake.Pretty much all reality shows are fake.

First off,a real mafia is a secretive society that does not want to have any attention on them.If this Amish mafia was real,as soon as the show aired they would all be arrested.All you have to do is read the opening credits of the show and it states "these are actors".It's pretty lame how they try to play it off like its real.TV is bad enough already with all this reality crap,we don't need this dumb show.


  1. I agree totally. From the first episode all you hear is so and so is a bad dude, you DO NOT want to cross him. Why don't you want to cross him? He wont do shit LMAO You have a midget, and to hear them tell it is another Bruce Lee. LMAO The only thing I have seen him(and everybody else) do is vandalize property like a 12 year old and man can those little legs go. He runs from the scene like his little ass is on fire. All mouth NO action.All of them! They talk all that shit and when it,s showtime then all of a sudden it's (whiny voice) "I dont wanna hurt anybody" I see a pack of pussys who make the worse threats you could make- IDLE. They run around vandalizing property and if you yelled boo they would shit their pants. The whole show is a yawner. Good for a laugh though it's more of a comedy, which reminds me of the little dwerb on his scooter making "collections" for levi. Man I didn't think I was gonna ever stop laughing when I saw that. I actually thought the show WAS billed as comedy because of that scene.

  2. Bad actors. Here in LA the pay would be 50 for these extras...stand by for shoot all day too.